Nano, Quantum & Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics

Educational Sites

Basic Principles

  • || Basic Principles of Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics / UIC
  • || Introductory Thermodynamics: i.UIC; ii. U Pittsburgh; iii. Kids' Almanac; iv. Eden Prairie High School; v. School of Champions; vi. Scitoys vii. THERMO spoken here/ J. Phol<
  • || About Temperature / UCAR
  • || States of Matter: i.Purdue U; ii.Wikipedia; iii.Chemtutor; iv.Cal State
  • || On-line simulation laboratory:
    i.Ideal Gas: 1. Molecular Model / NTNU, 2.Pressure Chamber by U Oregon
    ii.Carnot Cycle (Heat Engine) / NTNU
  • || Thermodynamic Theory (Modular Instruction) / Amazon
  • || Properties of Heat and Matter / UC Berkeley
  • || Problem Solving - Expert System for Thermodynamics / SDSU
  • || The Second Law of Thermodynamics: i. / Occidental College; ii.U Toronto;
  • || Entropy: i. Univ. Hamburg; ii. Morningside College; iii. Principia Cybernetica; iv. Maxwell's Demon: ( a, b).
  • || A Generalized Vapor Pressure Equation for All Liquids / UIC
  • || Excess Functions: i.Multicomponent Mixtures/UIC; ii.Excess Free Energy at Infinite Size Ratio
  • || Activity Coefficients: i.Classical Thermo. Basis / UIC; ii.Molecular Basis / UIC; iii. Infinite Dilution: UIC
  • || Phase Transitions:
    i. General: 1.Maxwell Construction/Wolfram 2.Wikipedia; 3.In the Early Universe; 4.Limit of Superheat Demo/Cal Poly Pomona
    ii. Phase equlibria in discrete systems: 1guma science; 2. U South Florida;
    iii. Phase equilibria in continuous systems: i. ; ii.Equality of Derivatives Algorithm/UIC; iii.Gibbs Free Energy Minimization: UIC1, UIC2; ivEquilibrium Ratio Algorithm/UIC; v.Petroleum Fractions/UIC
    vi.In small (nano) systems: UIC
  • || Phase Diagrams: 1.Ternary Phase Diagrams: Brock U; 2.Gibbs Models Iowa State; 3.Thermographics/Rice U; 4.CO2/
  • || Critical Phenomena / Critical Point: i.Cyril Domb ; ii.Wikipedia; iii.Tulane U; iv.Arizona U; v.NYU; vi.ESA

    Nano, Quantum & Statistical Mechanics

  • || An Introduction to Theoretical Chemistry / U Utah
  • || Computational Nanotechnology/UIC; Computational Physics/U Texas at Austin
  • || Interatomic/Intermolecular Forces/Potentials: i.Purdue U; ii.For Nano Systems/UIC; iii.BCPL; iv.U Waterloo
  • || Introduction to Statistical Mechanics: i.Royal Holloway; ii.NYU
  • || Ising Model with Java Applet: i.Syracuse U;
  • || Molecular Based Study of Fluids / ACS
  • || Quantum Dots: 1. 1. Theory; 2.Biological / PysicsWeb
  • || Quantum Mechanics/Quantum Chemistry: i.Werner Heisenberg/AIP; ii.The Uncertainty Principle/Georgia State U; iii.U Conn; iv.Georgia State U; v.U Groningen; vi.Georgia Tech; vii.Visual Quantum Mechanics/KSU; viii.Virtual Journal of; ix.HyperQuantum;
  • || Phonon: 1.Wikipedia; 2.Answers
  • || Thermal and Statistical Physics / Clark U
  • || Statistical Mechanics: ;
    Equilibrium: ii. NYU;
    Nanosystems: UIC
    Nonequilibrium (Irreversible): i.UIUC; ii.ANU1;
    Nonextensive: CBPF
  • || Second Virial Expansion/google; i.Relationship to Quadratic Mixing Rules/UIC; ii.Interaction 3rd Virial Coeff. Appxn./UIC
  • || Radial Distribution Function: i.; ii.Definition/Academia Sinica; iii.Relation to Local Compositions iv.Mean Density Approximation
  • || Conformal Solutions Theory & Corresponding States Principle : i. ; ii.Polar Fluids/UIC; iii.Conf. Sol. Approx's to RDF/UIC; iv.For Hydrogen-Bonded Fluids/UIC
  • || Fluctuation Theory of Stat. Mech.: i.Mixtures/Brnes&Noble; ii.Basic Principles/google; iii.Associating / Hydrogen-Bonded Fluids/UIC
  • || Variational Theory of Stat. Mech.
  • || Computational Quantum & Stat. Mech:
    i. Moledular Dynamics Simulation: 1.Tutorial / EMBnet; 2.On-line Polymer and Lennard-Jones Simulations / Boston U; 3.Tutorial / NCSU
    iii. Monte Carlo Simulation: 1. Basics; 2. ORNL
    iv. Java Applets: 1.Clark U; 2.Bryn Mawr U; 3.U Buffalo
    v. Introduction to Macromolecular Simulation / NIH
    vi. Quantum Simulations of Complex Many-Body Systems: From Theory to Algorithms - Audio-Visual Lecture Notes/Research Center Julich.
  • || Ergodic Theroy / U East Anglia


  • || Ab Initio Quantum Chemistry: i. CCL.NET; ii.PNL;
  • || Applied Thermodynamics: i.Taftan; ii. An Intro. to / Michigan State & U Akron
  • || Associating Fluids: i. ; ii.Stat. Mech. of Solutions/UIC; iii.Equation of State/UIC; vi.Structure & properties of Water/UIC; v.Supercritical water applications/NAP iv.Conformal Solution Theory/UIC; v.Water structure and behavior/ Steve Lower
  • || Atomic Scale Design: i. Network
  • || Bio / Chemical Eng. Thermodynamics:: i. BioProcesses ; ii. MIT; iii. UIC; iv. UIC; v.UIC; vi.New Castle U
  • || Colloidal Systems: i. Science / google; ii.Micellization / UIC
  • || Confined Fluids: ;
  • || Economics: 1.Classical thermodynamics and economic general equilibrium theory/The New School; 2.Entropy in Economics/WUSTL
  • || Electrolytes: i.Aqueous:; 2.U Arizona
  • || Engineering Thermodynamics: i.A Graphical Approach / Ohio U
  • || Environmental: Degredation/Asecular
  • || Equations of State: i. ; ii.Accurte Liquid Densities Prediction/UIC; iii.Alcohol-hydrocarbon and water-hydrocarbon EOS / UIC
  • || Geology: Thermodynamics of Natural Earth Systems / U Maryland
  • || Human Thermodynamics / HT
  • || Interfacial Phenomena
  • || Ionic Liquids: i.Review/QUB; ii.Database/NIST
  • || Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Thermodynamics: i.U Florida
  • || Metallurgical:
    i. Basic Thermodynamics Tulane
    ii. Phase Diagram: 1.Introduction to/ASM; 2.of Alloys/SGTE;
    iii.Equation of State/UIC
  • || Miscibility: i.Prediction/UIC; ii.of Polymer Blends/google;
  • || Mixing Rules: i.Van der Waals/UIC; ii.For Simultaneous VLE and VLLE Calculations/UIC; iii.Origin & Relationship to Virial Expansion/UIC; iv.Relationship to Radial Distribution Functions/UIC; v.Local Composition Mixing Rules
  • || Nanoscience & Nanotechnology:
    i.1.Principles of Nanotechnology/WSP; 2.Advances in Atomic and Molecular Nanotechnology/WSP
    ii.R.P. Feynman's 1959 Lecture/Zyvex:
    iii.National Nanotechnology Initiative; WTEC Panel Report, 1999; Joint EC/NSF Workshop, 2000
    iv.Engines of Creation - The Coming Era of Nanotechnology / Foresight Inst.;
    v.Self replication: 1.Zyvex;2.Ben Gurion U
    vi.Molecular Building Blocks/Springer; Molecular Machines/NCI
    vii.Organic Nanostructures: 1.Supramolecular Chemistry /google; 2.Asphaltene self-organizations / UIC;
    viii.Buckyballs/Rice U;
    x.Publicatons / UIC;
    xi.Virtual Journal of/AIP
    xii.Computational Nanotechnology/Zyvex
    xiii.Nanosystems ModellingUIC
    xiv.Nanostructure Potential Energies/UIC
    xv.Applications: 1.Environmental Applications of Nanotechnology/UIC; 2.Environmental Sustainability/TAINANO; 3.Pollution Control/ZYVEX
  • || Osmotic Pressure: 1.Osmosis, Reverse Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure, 2.van't Hoff's Evidence / guma science
  • || Partition (or Distribution) Coefficient: 1.wikipedia: 2.EPA; 3.UIC
  • || Petroleum and Natural Gas:
    i.A Statistical Mechanical Model of Asphaltene Flocculation and Collapse From Petroleum Systems / UIC
    ii. C7+ Fraction Characterization / Amazon
    iii. Heavy Organics (Asphaltene/Bitumen, Resin, Wax, etc.) Deposition from Petroleum Fluids
  • || Polymers & Liquid Crystals: i.Polymer Thermodynamics/google; CWRU; iii. ; iv. Dendrimers/; v.Asphaltene Growth Download Demo/UIC
  • || Reacting Systems: Combination of overall reaction rate with Gibbs energy minimization / VTT
  • || Retrograde Condensation: i. and Miscibility Prediction/UIC; ii.In Petroleum Fluids/google
  • || Theology-Evolution: i.The Talk.Origins Archive: Attributing False Attributes and Evolution ii.Christiananswers.Net iii.Cosmic Ancestry; iv.LHUP v.KELVIN IS LORD!!!
  • || Solubility Parameters: i. Oakland Museum; ii. google;
  • || Surface Science: 1.Surface Tension Prediction of Pure Fluids and Mixtures/UIC; 2.Theory of Interfacial Tension/UIC; 3.An Introduction to Surface Chemistry/U London
  • || Supercritical Fluids: i.; ii.Phasex; iii.Scimedia; iv.AIST v.Structure & Properties of Supercritical Water/UIC; vi.Supercritical Solubilities Prediction of Biomolecules/UIC; vii.For remediation of PCB/PAH-Contaminated soil/sediments/ Kansas State U
  • || Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for Distillation / New Castle U
  • || Thermal Engine Cycles:
    i.Upper- and Lower-Bounds to Efficiency and COP of Cycles / UIC
    ii. BasicThermodynamic Cycles and Components/;
    iii. CyclePad: To construct and analyze thermodynamic cycles / Northwestern U;
    iv.Stirling Engine-Refrigerator / LANL;
    v. Thermodynamic Cycles -the book/google;

    Mathematical Techniques

  • || Algorithms and Data Structures/Monash U
  • || Analytic Solution of polynomial Equations/WOLFRAM<
  • || Quantum Mech. Calculations Using Maple / Waterloo Maple
  • || Series Expansions: Wolfram;


  • || Data & Property Calculation Websites - Classical, Nano, Quantum & Statistical Thermodynamics & Mechanics / UIC
  • || Demonstrations:
    ii.Boston U;
    iii.NanoSonic, Inc.;
    iv.Wolfram: 1.Nano Structures; 2.Quantum
    v.Washington U
  • || History:
    i.Thermodynamics: 1.Wolfram;; 3.U. Waterloo.
    2.Statistical Mechanics: 1.Chicago Journals; 2.UBC.
  • || Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering & Science Publications / UIC
  • || Mind Quilts / UMSL
  • || QUit / UMSL
  • || Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Publications / UIC
  • || Nano/Bio Courses and Publications/UIC
  • || Related or Interesting Nano, Quantum & Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics Websites to Visit / UIC

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