Selected Publications:

A Unique View on Carbon Dioxide Emissions around the World
Global J. of Earth Sci. and Eng'g, Vol. 4, pp.8-17, 2017.
Molecular dynamics studies of interaction between asphaltenes and solvents
Journal of Petrol. Sci. & Eng'g, Vol. 156, pp. 118-124, July 2017.
Energy: Sources, Utilization, Legislation, Sustainability, Illinois as Model State, WSPC & ICP, 2016.
Sample Chapter
CHAPTER 1: Energy: Sources, Conversion, Conservation and Sustainability.
Entropy Production Gives Rise to Upper- and Lower-Bounds to Efficiency and COP of Cycles
J. Thermodynamics & Catalysis, Vol. 4, Issue 2, pp.1-5, 2013.
A Review of Non-Renewable Energy Options in Illinois
Int. J. Oil, Gas and Coal Technology, Vol.6, No.3, pp.288-347, 2013.
A perturbation correction of the Flory-Huggins polymer solution theory
Condensed Matter Physics, 8, 2(42), 389-396, 2005.
An analysis of methods for determination of onsets of asphaltene phase separations
J. Petrol. Sci. & Eng., Vol. 42, No.s 2-4, April 2004, pp.145-156.
An Alternative Approach to Increase Refining & Petrochemical Feedstock Capacity at a Lower Cost While Reducing Environmental Pollution
G.A. Mansoori, Proceed. of IAA/NIPC Seminar, May 20, 2002.
Phase Behavior Prediction of Petroleum Fluids with Minimum Characterization Data
J. Petrol. Sci. & Eng., Vol. 22, pp.67-93, 1999.
Surface Tension Prediction of Liquid Mixtures
AIChE Journal, Vol. 44, No. 10, pp.2324-2332, 1998.
A Generalized Chemical Association Theory of Mixtures
Z. Phys. Chemie, Bd. 205, S. 211-240, 1998.
A single-theory approach to the prediction of solid-liquid and liquid-vapor phase transitions
J. Chemical Physics, Vol. 105, No. 21, pp.9580-9587, December 1, 1996.
Principle of Throttle / Phase Change (T/PC) Process for Separation of H2S from Natural Gas
IPI Journal, No.s 37 & 38, pp.12-16, 1994.
Characterization of alkanes and paraffin waxes for application as phase change energy storage medium
Energy Sources, Vol. 16, pp.117-128, 1994.
Sour natural gas and liquid equation of state
J. Petrol. Science & Engineering, Vol. 12, pp.127-136, 1994.
Theory of Interfacial Tension of Partially Miscible Liquids
PHYSICA, Vol. A179, pp.219-231, 1991.
Fluctuation Theory of Mixtures, Taylor & Francis, New York, 1990.
Statistical Mechanics Basis of Macleod's Formula
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C7+ Fraction Characterization, Taylor & Francis Pub. Co., New York, 1989.
The Role of Three-Body Forces and Mixing Rules on the Phase Behavior of Mixtures Around the Critical Region
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Phase Equilibrium of Multicomponent Mixtures: Continuous Mixture Gibbs Free Energy Minimization and Phase Rule
Chem. Eng. Communication, 54, PP.139-148, 1987.
Thermodynamics Educational Modules, AIChE, New York, 1985.
Molecular Based Study of Fluids, American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., 1983.
Molecular Basis of Activity Coefficient (Isobaric-Isothermal Ensemble Approach)
Fluid-Phase Equilibria, Vol.4, pp.61-69, 1980.
Classical Thermodynamic Basis of Activity Coefficients
Fluid-Phase Equilibria, Vol.4, pp.197-209, 1980.
Optimized Parameters and Exponents of Mie (n,m) Intermolecular Potential Energy Function Based on the Shape of Molecules
International J. Thermophysics, Vol.1, No.2, pp.177-184, 1980.
The Three-Parameter Corresponding States Principle
International J. Thermophysics, Vol.1, No.3, pp.285-298, 1980.
Factors Affecting the Dispersion Shift of Immiscible Liquid-Liquid Systems
M.J. McClarey and G.A. Mansoori, Chemical Engineering Progress Series, Vol.74, No.173, pp.134-139, 1978.
Statistical Thermodynamic Approach to the Prediction of Vapor-Liquid Equilibria Properties of Multi-Component Mixtures
International J. Engineering Science, Vol.15, pp.323-341, 1977.

Selected Research Projects

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